Dr Hisham Dafterdar

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Khaled Sukkarieh

Khaled has been a Muslim community leader in NSW, actively representing the community at various levels in engagement with the government. He is also the head of Islamic Council of NSW. Khaled pays special attention to Islamic education and is focused on improving sustainability for the Islamic scripture program in NSW schools. Khaled has also started up an awqaf honey project and is working on developing similar awqaf projects.

Ansari Zainul Abideen

Ansari is a health economist by training and has been focusing on evaluating alcohol progarms since migrating to Australia in 2009. Prior to that he was briefly in the Economics & Strategy Division in Singapore Civil Service, which provides economic advice and strategy to the Cabinet and whole of Singapore Government. His portfolios included Middle East economies. Currently he is acting Director of Basmala AUS and previously he was involved in Islamic Centre of Newcastle and NSW Muslim Guild. Ansari also sits on the boards of Ethnic Community Council of Newcastle/Hunter and Tinonee Gardens aged care home.

Lidia Kamleh

Lidia is a lawyer based in Dubai, UAE. After completing her studies in Australia she has worked in several leading law firms and moved to Dubai to focus in the Islamic finance area.

Sezgin Lok

Sezgin is a Muslim community leader based in Sydney and is part of Islamic Council of NSW. He is also part of Redfern Mosque committee.

Sadaruddin Chowdhury

Sadaruddin is a Muslim community leader based in Northern Territory. He is also part of Islamic Council of the Northern Territory.


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