Dates: 15-16th April 2015

Venue: University of Sydney Law School

Organisers: Awkaf Australia & University of Sydney Law School

Sponsors: Australian Muslim organisations


Awqaf: Modernised and Modernising


Structural, compliance and outcomes excellence of Awqaf Development


This academic-community event aim to objectively promote

  • debate and dialogue on issues relating to Awqaf development
  • best case examples of Awqaf development
  • pooling of experts who can provide advisory on accelerating Awqaf development and achieving good standards
  • priority setting for Awqaf development


The symposium will be adopting a more applied Awqaf development approach. By this approach it will emphasise on the pragmatic aspects of Awqaf development in order to promote an acceleration of Awqaf development in short term:

  • defining problems more clearly
  • finding solutions that works
  • evaluating solutions that have been implemented
  • setting standards and priorities for short term
  • inviting expert advice for hard to resolve issues
  • showcasing gold standards

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