The following program is still accurate at the time of posting. Changes may occur and we will update it when required.

Day 1 : Sydney University
8.30 Registration
8.45 Quran Recitation
9.00 Welcome speech, by Dr. Hisham Dafterdar, Awkaf Australia
9.20 Guest of honour
10.00 tea break
Session 1: Awqaf Outcomes Excellence
10.15 Davina Levy , Cambridge Muslim College UK Cambridge Muslim College Waqf
10.45 Dr.Wasif Shahzad , Indus Hospital, Pakistan Development and provision of medical services with high clinical standards using Wakaf and Zakat: Indus Hospital Model
11.15 Dr.Hisham Daftedar, Awkaf Australia The role of awqaf in modern economic development
11.45 Session Q&A
12.00 Lunch
Session 2:  Awqaf and Law
1.00 Madzlan Hussain, Zaid Ibrahim Co, Malaysia Waqf corporation/corporate waqf: legal issues and challenges – the Malaysian experience
1.25 Professor Yasin Mohammed Ghadi, Faculty of Law, Emirates University  Endowment and its importance in Islam, and its role in the adoption of economic and financial modern projects
1.50 Dr. Abdullah M. S. Rababah Naif Arab University for Security Sciences Endowment and Sustainable Development: A Contemporary Vision based on Islamic Jurisprudence
2.15 Dr. Mohammad Talafheh Faculty of Law, UAE Wills and Waqf in the UAE
2.40 Session Q&A
3.00 Tea
Session 3:  Awqaf Structural & Outcomes Excellence
3.15 Dr. Khalid Hadoub Al Muhaideb Salman Abdulaziz University The effect of endowment on the religious learning civilization in the Islamic history
3.40 Assoc Prof Adi Setia Centre for Advanced Islamic Studies, UTM Structuring waqf within an integrative mu’amalah framework in direct engagement with current conventional economic and business structures
4.05 Imam Wahyudi Indrawan Airlangga University School of Nazhir – Effort to Develop Human Resources of Nazhir Towards Optimal Empowerment of Waqf
4.30 Dr. Mohd Nahar Mohd Arshad International Islamic University of Malaysia Structural Re-position Issues of Waqf as a Third Sector Organisation into the Mainstream Economy
4.55 Session Q&A
5.30 Day close
Day 2 : Sydney University
Session 1: Awqaf & Australia
9.00 A/Prof Mohamad Abdalla, Griffith University The Need of Awqaf for the Effective Implementation of a Strategic Vision for Australian Muslims
9.20 Dr.Hadi Zulfiqar University of Newcastle R&D & Awqaf: Innovative opportunities for Awqaf partnerships with early stage research
9.40 Session Q&A
10.00 Tea
Session 2: Awqaf agencies 1
10.15 Dr. Aishath Muneeza, Deputy Minister of Awqaf, Ministry of Awqaf, Maldives Development of Awqaf in Maldives
10.35 TBC Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation, Kuwait Awqaf Outcomes Excellence: The KAPF model
10.55 Zeinoul Cajee Awqaf South Africa Corporate governance in newly emerging waqf institutions
11.15 Mr H Ahmad Juwaini Dompet Dhuafa Indonesia Case study of Indonesia’s largest wakaf/zakat institution
11.35 Session Q&A
12.00 Lunch
Session 3: IRTI session
1.00 Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah IRTI Awqaf Development for Poverty Alleviation: IDB Experiences
1.25 Dr. Abdelkader Chachi Islamic Awqaf:a Key to Socio-Economic Development of the Muslim Ummah
1.50 Session Q&A
2.30 Tea
Session 4: Awqaf Structural & Outcomes Excellence
2.45 Hazriah Hassan Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia Measurement of Waqf Administration Efficiency
3.05 Wahyuningsih “Choosing Fund Sources for Waqf: Between ZIS fund and Cash Waqf Fund”
Airlangga University
3.25 Session Q&A
Session 5: Awqaf agencies 2
3.45 Hussain Benyounis Awqaf New Zealand  Case study of Awqaf New Zealand
4.05 TBC Awqaf Minor Affairs Foundation Case study of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilition
4.25 Dr Ismail Munshi National awqaf of south africa  Addressing global poverty with two sides of the same coin: community foundations and Awqaf
4.45 Session Q&A
5.30 Day close

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